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Hard Money Lender

When it comes to investment opportunities, especially fix and flip properties, Kings of Capital knows how important it is to expedite the financing needed for your project. At Kings of Capital, we offer hard money loans for fix and flip properties. Unlike the grueling process of bank mortgages which can take upwards of forty-five days, Kings of Capital can approve your hard money loan and provide you with funds in an average closing time of just 14 days, Kings of Capital is here to quickly assist you every step of the way.

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- Hard Money Lending

Given that our loans are based on the value of an investment property rather than the borrower’s credit, we can fund deals for borrowers who are unable to get conventional financing due to a recent foreclosure or short sale. Even with tarnished credit, a borrower can obtain a hard money loan using the value of the investment property as collateral. This makes a hard money loan a great option for anyone from beginner investors with a limited credit history to experienced investors looking to free up liquidity and scale their business.

Kings of Capital funds hard money loans on single family, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial - fix and flip investment properties.

The interest rates on an asset based hard money loan are usually higher than those of conventional mortgages. Interest rates for hard money loans range anywhere from 9%-12%, and Kings of Capital's competitive loan programs offer qualified investors some of the best rates in the industry. Hard money lenders typically charge higher interest rates due to the greater risk associated with these loans, and the incredible speed in which they are able to process and fund transactions. Hard money loans are a very strong tool for investors who need to move quickly. These short term (usually 12 months) loans are the perfect opportunity to aid any investor in developing their success.

Why Might Traditional Lending and Hard Money Be the Wrong Choice For Your Client?

The issue with bank loans is that they expect their borrowers to exude a high level of dependability that can only be proven through numerous documents such as bank statements, tax bills, or pay stubs. The banking process frequently overlooks various elements of a potential borrower’s qualities and characters in favor of a standard, apathetic metric. Oftentimes, the bank loan process can take an exuberant amount of time and if you do not match certain qualities, you can be denied a loan.

On the other side are private lenders who will typically offer hard money loan. These options can be rewarding for borrowers in desperate need of a loan; however, they can be quite expensive, can accumulate large interest rates, and will often tie your client’s property down as collateral making the investment very risky. These two loan options make up the ends of the real estate mortgage spectrum; however, there exists another option in a middle area: No Income Verification Loans.

Alternative lending can offer a multitude of opportunities and benefits for nearly all parties involved. For lenders and for borrowers, No Income Verification is an excellent way to get funding in a way that suits everyone’s needs.

No Income Verification loans allow for greater chances at securing your clients' funding as they can get approved for a loan when they could not before. You can also get service revenue for their work and extra perks with lenders in order to continue their business relationships.

Who is a Candidate for a Term Loan?

Term Loans are an excellent in-between type of loan option where borrowers can still get involved in the real estate market even if they’ve been denied by a traditional mortgage or cannot afford a Hard Money loan. It is important for a candidate to be able to understand what a Term Loan is, what it can offer, and who should apply for one.

Term loans are not for everyone but they are a great alternative option. They allow for speedier approval processes with lower interest rates without the need to show documents that prove one’s income. It is important for candidates to be able to realize who qualifies for a term loan, such as a No Income Verification Loan, and who does not.

With the lack of income verification, it can be an easier way for those who are self-employed or accumulate passive income to get approval for a loan as they likely would not have gotten a traditional loan. Additionally, No Income Verification lending can be a great alternative to hard money lending if your clients cannot afford the risky investment.

Subsequently, No Income Lending provides a lower barrier to entry for many interested in real estate investing that could not qualify before. It also allows for a more fluid approval process that does not get buried down into specific data points that do not exactly see the whole picture.