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Do you have the Money Mindset to become a Real Estate Investor?

If you want to be successful, you need to want it. How hungry are you for success?

Many people want the money and success but don’t want to put the work in to succeed. It’s a process and you need to be willing to work like you’ve never before. It takes time and effort and you need to be patient and diligent.

Finding the right solutions can be tough at first but with a proper mindset, you can achieve your goals and find people who will help you along the way. At Kings of Capital, we don’t want to just provide capital for one property, but help you succeed.

This means that we want to help you get to the top of the game. You’ve got to be willing to have seven to ten deals a month. That is how we work and what our standard for success entails. You have to be willing to work at a great speed but not everyone wants to or can do that.

How hard are you willing to work to be successful? What sacrifices are you willing to make?

The problem is that everyone wants to see that success. To buy that Ferrari right away but that’s not how you’ll succeed. There’s a reason patience is a virtue. You have to learn to sacrifice today for what you are going to have for tomorrow. It’s all about that money mindset when allocating one’s time and effort to their successes.

Do you have the right Money Mindset? What is the best mindset to have when minimizing costs?

Should it be to focus on the lowest possible cost? No. You have to think about value because “cheaper does not equal better”

We want to have good chemistry with my customers and do all we can do for them. At the same time, all too often people come and they’re just trying to find the cheapest cost of capital because that’s what we were taught.

This is a service, it’s not a product. Kings of Capital is not just a money source, we are also a resource. You cannot expect to put key parts and try to sell it as a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. It's not going to work.

But all too often we watch people do that. They have that mindset that "I'm going to just get the cheap, cheap, cheap" and then quickly they find out what that gets them.

In order to minimize costs to acquire large profits, you need to manage your expectations and budget your finances sustainably. While buying cheap parts and tools might be your first instinct, it is not the best way to create the best product with the best value.

If you invest in cheap goods hoping to create a high-equity property, you’re going to come up short. Your property’s value will not be at its peak potential, which is your goal, and it will likely require further, indefinite maintenance repairs that could have been completely avoided upon initial financing.

Manage your budget smartly and choose quality over cost.

Become a real estate investor today with Kings of Capital - book a meeting to find out more and start your career today!

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