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There's a Middle Ground Lender Between Conventional Banks and Hard Money.

Finding the right loan can be very difficult sometimes. Especially when the only options in front of you are not the right fit.

Stuck between a traditional mortgage and a hard money loan, try a Soft Money Loan at Kings of Capital.

We want to aid our clients in any way possible and helping them visualize all of their options is essential business etiquette in our opinion.

Soft Money Loans are perfect for those in between borrowers looking for a relatively inexpensive loan and one that does not care about your income status and history.

Soft Money Loans for Real Estate Investors

What are the benefits of a Soft Money Loan?

  • Low interest rates and fees

  • No income verification, tax statements, or pay stubs required for approval

  • Faster and more flexible than a bank mortgage or traditional lending

  • Perfect for self-employed individuals

  • Friendly, professional, and motivated team of lenders to help maximize revenue gains

All of these benefits are included in a Soft Money Loan in spite of it being a less common loan option.

What are some of the possibilities and limitations of a Soft Money Loan?


  • Rates start at 7.49% and can go as low as 6.75%

  • Property types include Residential 1-4 Family, and traditional commercial types I and II

  • Can be long term (3 Year Arm / 8 Year Arm / 30 Year Payment Amortization)

  • VMC is available in at least 44 states

  • Can borrow up to 10 loans or an accumulated total of $5,000,000


  • Not every loan option is available in all states and areas

  • Does not include construction costs

  • Property must be within a city with a relatively large population

  • Appraisal and Lenders fees applicable but still competitively low cost of fees

  • Brokers must be licensed in certain states

At Kings of Capital we want to help our clients achieve their real estate investment goals. We want to help them cross barriers and boundaries and reach great heights by ensuring them with sound strategies and smart money making decisions.

By granting our clients with numerous options and plans, we can help them learn and traverse the road of property investment.

Learn more about our soft money loans and private lending options - Apply for a Soft Money Loan today at Kings of Capital!

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