• What is Kings of Capital (KOC)?

Kings of Capital is a Commercial Mortgage Lending Company providing borrowers with a one-stop National Lending Platform capable of sourcing all types of Non-Conforming Loans for Real Estate Investors.​


  • Who do I report to if I have question?



  • What is a typical rate for a Bridge Loan?

7.49% -14%; The loan agent will go over the borrower’s specific rate.


  • What is a typical rate for a Rental Loan?

5.49%-10%; The loan agent will go over the borrower’s specific rate.


  • What is the maximum LTV on your loans?

70% to 80%


  • What are the primary factors are used to base approvals?

Cash, Equity, Experience and in some cases Credit Score


  • How long does it typically take to close on a Bridge Loan?

10 to 21 days


  • How long does it typically take to close a Rental Loan?


22 to 35 days


  • What is the typical term for a Bridge Loan?

9 to 18 months


  • Does the loan payments include principal and interest or interest only?

Interest Only


  • What is a bridge loan?

A loan that Bridges the Gap with Temporary Financing until the property is Sold or a Long Term Loan can be completed.


  • What is the standard referral fee paid by a Kings of Capital To Referral Partners?



  • How many points does Kings of Capital usually charge on Bridge Loans?



  • What type of Properties does Kings of Capital Lend on?

SFR, Condo, 2-4 Units, 5 Unit Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Light Industrial, Daycare and Automotive


  • What are 3rd party fees borrowers typically pay directly to the 3rd party prior to closing?

Application Fee, Appraisal and Attorney; The loan agent will go over the borrower’s specific fees.


  • What are the FIVE primary things an underwriting looks at when evaluating a loan.


  1. Borrower Cash Reserves in the Bank

  2. Borrower’s Experience in Similar Transactions

  3. LTV – Equity in the property / down payment

  4. Property type, condition, and location

  5. Property Income (ability to make mortgage payments)

  6. Borrower Credit Score and Mortgage Payment History

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