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Eligibility Requirements for Kings of Capital's Private Lending Loan Products

Do you have a property that you’re looking to purchase as an investment? Are you a seasoned real estate entrepreneur interested in solutions other than traditional financing? Private money lending is the leading solution to help all real estate investors succeed and fulfill their entrepreneurial goals.

With decades of experience in the real estate investment industry, the private money lender, Kings of Capital, is the leader in the world of private money and hard money lending.

With private money lending, you can fill out a simple application and get preliminary approval within 24 hours. The application does not ask for much other than your name, address, contact information, and specific details about your investment idea. It really is that simple and easy, and the resources offered in return are well worth the effort.

Read on to discover how private money lending can provide the funding you need to make your real estate investment dreams a reality and find out if you qualify for Kings of Capital's private money loans.

Am I Eligible for a Private Money Loan? Requirements You Need to Know

This section provides detailed information on the eligibility requirements for each of our loan products. To determine which loan product is right for you, it's important to understand the specific qualifications and factors that may impact your loan application process.

To be eligible for a loan with Kings of Capital, applicants must meet certain requirements based on the type of loan product they are interested in. Below is a brief summary of each loan product with the most important eligibility requirements, such as credit score, income, and debt-to-income ratio.

Here's a breakdown of the eligibility requirements for each loan product:

Want to Know If You Will Be Approved for a Loan? Learn About the LTV Ratio and Why it is Used By Investors.

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